Sledges The robust EKO® brand quality sledges are available in many colours.
Sledge rental companies choose EKO® sledges, because they excel with their well thought out design, their sturdy materials and high-grade workmanship and garantee decades long stable and safe sledding fun
Bob Sledges Nearly 50 years ago with the Classic-Bob the success story of EKO® began. The rounded runners and running grooves garantee long-lasting sledding fun.
Here you will also find Baby Bobs and the popular Snow-Comet, a bob sledge with steerable runner from synthetic material and one-handed break
Accessories Even more comfort and safety provided by the EKO® brand quality accessories: for example comfy shock-absorbing and cold insulating pillows, halogen lamps for sledding at night and toddler extensions including fixing material
Sledge rental companies preferably choose EKO® sledges, because they excel with their well thought out design, their sturdy materials and high-grade workmanship and garantee decades long stable and safe sledding fun.
The cult sledge Snow-Star from EKO® reminds of the Davoser sledge, but is a lot lighter and thanks to outward-rounded steinless-steel runners also usable on fresh snow and even corn snow.
The brand quality sledge Snow-Star from EKO® is available is many appealing colours, for example flashy red, elegant ocean blue and silky pearl blue.
Furthermore the Snow-Star is available as sledge for one person, two-seater or even three-seater
EKO Snow-Star ocean blue
Snow Fun For even more sliding fun and for improvements to the slope or building of sculptures, here you will find sliding sheets and shovels in expected EKO® quality
Exclusive in this shop only!
Sledge set for toddlers - only available here
You don't want your toddler to miss out on sledding fun, but get those nasty back pains from sledge pulling and have had enough of putting the tumbling kid back on to the sledge? No more of that, thanks to our exclusive offer from EKO®.
Only here can you acquire the EKO® Snow-Star 80 with toddler seat extension includung fixing material along with the sledge pushing rod from EKO® for back sparing pushing


The robust and high-grade quality products from EKO® have proven themselves million-fold in practice.
Our timeless EKO® design is nearly 50 years old and thanks to superiour construction happily seen in use everywhere to date.

We give 2 years waranty on our products and furthermore guarantee 5 years of spare part availability.

All EKO? products are CE certified Exempt from the waranty is the commercial use of the products, wear, inproper use and use of force. All products from EKO® have a valid CE label and are marked with manufacturing year/date.
Classic-Bob Nearly 50 years ago with the model Classic-Bob the success story of EKO® began.
Still today the EKO® Classic-Bob enjoys great popularity and has a fixed place in winterly childhood memories.
Snow-Comet Obstacle course of trees and scubs, steep bends, risky avoidance manoeuvres or sudden full braking - for the EKO® Snow-Comet it's all child's play
Horn and halogen lamp for Snow-Star and Snow-Comet Signal horns and halogen lamps for secure sledding fun in the dark are available for Snow-Star and Snow-Comet sledges including fixing material

EKO® Synthetic Material

EKO® Synthetic MaterialFor the popular EKO® products high-grade HD-PE synthetic material is used.
With injection moulding the recyclable synthetic material is processed in many appealing colours for maximum sledding fun. HD-PE distinguishing features include long life and high cold-resistance (up to -50°C).

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Chronicle Nearly 50 years ago the first children's bob sledge from the company EKO® was developed, the company persisting to date with it's time-less swiss design, here you will find the chronicle of the firm since establishment