EKO® Company Chronicle

1973: Start as a one-man company with the manufacturing of plastic products in the outdoor, leisure and toy sector.

1976: Development of the first prototype of an EKO®-BOB. Manufacturing of an injection moulding form for a children's bobsledge with body-contoured seat, enhanced back protection and corrugated skids for better gliding properties. Just for the injection moulding tool «Zermatt» the investment costs amounted to CHF 250,000.- With that the corner stone is layed for the success of the EKO®-BOB generation. In winter 1977/78 we already produced 25,000 sledges of this model.

1978: Next is the EKO®-BOB «Grindelwald», a model that in the year 1979 was further developed into the EKO®-BOB «St. Moritz» with a frontal steering skid for self installation.

1980: Introduction of the EKO®-BOB «St. Moritz De Luxe» with double skid steering. This model is followed in 1982 by the EKO®-BOB «St. Moritz GTX» with foot breakes. With all EKO® products the focus is always on a customer friendly delivery, according to the motto: ready for use!

1987: Relocation to new premises in the kanton Aargau with 25,000 m³ renovated room on an area of 9500 m². Here everything is consolidated: manufacture, logistics and showroom. Thus optimal conditions to satisfy increasing demand for EKO®-Swissmade products.

1998: Start of a new EKO®-BOB collection with the models „Snow-Comet 100“, „Snow-Comet 120“ and „Snow-Comet 90“. Acquisition of the „Snow-Star“ injection mould and development to the Snow-Star 100 with technical improvements.

2007: Our Snow-Comets become test winners in the CH-Kassensturz and leave the other bob-sledges far behind!

Today our EKO® sledge collection consists of the models „Snow-Star 80“, „Snow-Star 100“, „Snow-Star 120“ as well as the universal sledge seat „Jenny“.

2013: 40 years EKO® - Swiss Design.