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Sledge set for toddlers

Sledge set for toddlers

You don't want your toddler to miss out on sledding fun, but get those nasty back pains from sledge pulling and have had enough of putting the tumbling kid back on to the sledge?

No more of that, thanks to the exclusive offer from EKO®.

Only here can you acquire the EKO® Snow-Star 80 with toddler seat extension includung fixing material along with the sledge pushing rod Benny from EKO® for back sparing pushing.

Thanks to this construction you know your toddler is wonderfully secured and can comfortably walk through the snow or climb the slope with your precious cargo without resulting back pain.

The robust EKO® sledge Snow-Star 80 reminds of the classic Davoser wood sledge in shape, but because of the cold-resistant up to -50°C, recyclable HD-PE synthetic material is easy to carry and very agile with it's wide runners from cambered moulded stainless steel.

When you toddler has grown, it can use the EKO® Snow-Star 80 has single sledge (maximum carrying capacity 50kg) and hold on to the integrated hand strap.

Special about the sledge seat Jenny for toddlers is it's mounting slits for fastening of foot sacks or lambskins, so that little bodies stay cosy warm even on long stays in the snow.

You can easily fasten the toddler seat Jenny from EKO® with the supplied screws.

The EKO® sledge seat Jenny and the EKO® pushing rod Benny are universally usable and can be mounted to various wood or plastic sledges from other manufacturers if required.

EKO® Snow-Star 80 dimensions:

Length: 80cm
Width: 43cm
Height: 28cm

EKO® sledge seat Jenny dimensions:

Length: 36cm
Width: 38cm
Height: 25cm

EKO® pushing rod Benny dimensions:

Length: 55cm
Width: 24.5cm
Height: 70cm
Maximum capacity: 18kg
(mounted to the sledge EKO® Snow-Star the pushing rod has a length of 83cm - pushing rod height 93cm with a handle width of 28cm)

Warnings in accordance with EU law:
Only for home use.
Suitable for children over 10 months.
Use only under adults watch.
Do not use in road traffic!
All EKO® Products are CE certified
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