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Baby-Bob perlmint

Baby-Bob perlmint

The Baby-Bob designed by EKO® comes in a soft perl mint color and offers a safe playing fun in the snow even for the youngest kids

The backrest has a height of 30 cm and the site pieces are 15 cm high (as shoulder and arm protection) and cares for a stable seating and safe feeling during pulling.  

The wide, far flung runners make the EKO® Baby-Bob safe against overturning and steadfast.  

The runners of the EKO® Baby-Bob also have a robust 5 mm thickness which may excuse incidently pulling on snow-less ground

A cosy snow walk with toddlers can be great with the  Baby-Bob by EKO®. 

The Bob includes a quick-release fastener which is fasten your child flexible, easy and safe. 

Sweet elefants on the front site of the Bob complete the child-friendy design

Manufactured with the injection moulding process out of high-quality, recycable HD-PE plastic, the EKO® Baby-Bob is cold-resistant up to -50°C  – So you could easily pull your child through the Alps. 

Length 63cm
Width 38cm
Height 30/15 cm
Weight: 2,1kg

Suitable for children from 2 years. 
All EKO® Products are CE certified
from the category: Snow Fun Snow Fun

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